<h2>Stergis Eleytherios</h2><p>Doors - Aluminum</p> <h2>Quality guarantee</h2><p>Stergis Eleytherios</p> <h2>Collaboration with larger companies</h2><p>EUROPA, ALOUSYSTEM, ALUMIL, METALOUMIN</p>
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About Us

Doors - Aluminum | Stergis Eleytherios

Stergis Eleftherios is located in Chaida, Attica and for 20 years he has been dealing with aluminum constructions, frames, metal constructions, shutters, screens, pergolas, stairs, inox railings,
armored doors, folding safety railings, shelters.

We undertake the procedures for the home savings program (NSRF).
Our specialized staff provides immediate service, unbeatable prices, modern designs from where it is requested in Attica.
It has collaborated with well-known aluminum companies such as EUROPA, ALOUSYSTEM, ALUMIL, METALOUMIN.
Quality guarantee.
Friendly, Stergis Lefteris

Favierou 49 | Chaidari   -   Telephone: 2105324342    -    Mobile: 6973234243   -   Fax 2105324342   -   E-mail: aloustergis@4ty.gr